Advantages for Contractors

Partnering with Local Union 126, IBEW saves contractors time and money – because of our dedication to training a top-quality workforce to serve our employers and their customers is a significant, bottom-line and unmatched advantage for our partnered contractors.

  • Large labor pool of trained, experienced manpower.
  • Certified Apprenticeship Training.
  • Continuing professional training and education.
  • No-cost Union affiliation.
  • Professional affiliation with National Electrical Contractors Association.
  • No-hassle benefits administration.
  • Mediation, not confrontation.
  • Safety programs.
  • Diversity.

Our “Commitment to Quality” starts with the IBEW Code of Excellence. 

Large Labor Pool of Trained, Experienced Manpower.

Access to our large, trained manpower pool is among one of the primary reasons for being a Local #126 IBEW contractor.

There is currently a demand for skilled lineman and skilled electrical workers. This, coupled with the turnover, puts an employer constantly at risk of losing contracts, bids, expanding and worrying about the future due to finding a skilled, competent workforce.

Local #126 IBEW hiring (referral) system is simple, whether you are looking to hire a Lineman, Apprentice, Groundhand, Traffic Signal Tech, Truck Driver, Streetlight Tech, or Flagman. All the classifications you would need for your type of business.

Just request the workers you need for as long as you need them. Local #126 IBEW does not belong to the building trades, which means you do not have to belong with a half of dozen different trades to do one job.

Thanks to our extensive labor pool and diversity of local agreements, you won’t have to worry about finding the skilled workers you need to complete a project.

Quality Training Education

Local Union 126, IBEW partner contractors have access to the industry’s very best workforce because they invest in union training and apprenticeship programs – the backbone of the unionized construction industry – through the Northeastern Apprenticeship and Training Program (NEAT). To learn more, visit our Education page.

Quality Talent Recruitment

Local Union 126, IBEW continuously recruits the best and brightest linemen and apprentices in the region so that we can provide our partner contractors with a workforce that is second to none and is drug-tested and safety-trained by OSHA standards.

Quality Worker Compensation

Local Union 126, IBEW attracts and retains the region’s top talent because we offer our member linemen wages, healthcare and retirement plans that are unmatched in the industry.

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Smart contractors know that having trained, experienced workers is the best way to stay productive, busy, and successful. Becoming affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is the best way to take advantage of the many resources and support programs to.

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